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<b></b> knight:</b> so how does the whole summoning thing work? i'd think harnessing the power of the gods would be pretty tricky.<p><b>summoner:</b> that's not quite accurate. it's less "gods" that i summon so much as...<p><b>summoner:</b> well, it's hard to describe easily. manifestations of the aggregated beliefs and commonalities of our cultures, represented through a shared symbology that i can tap into.<p><b>knight:</b> <p><b>knight:</b> so, memes?<p><b>summoner:</b> i don't - what?<p><b>knight:</b> you summon memes.<p><b>summoner:</b> no, no it's completely different from - i don't summon memes!<p><b>knight:</b> hey, Y U NO SUMMON ME? haha<p><p>